Mortons Media Group is a long-established and highly respected independent publishing company, established in the 19thcentury. We currently produce between 25 and 30 bookazines a year and we are preparing to publish a range of books to accompany them. Both new and previously published authors are invited to submit their book ideas for this new selection of non-fiction titles.

Mortons Books are committed to producing quality publications on a range of topics – from railway, military and aviation history to consumer issues, hobbies, crime and politics. These topics all come under our imprints below:

Mallard Books

Britain’s unparalleled history of great railways and locomotives is what Mallard Books seeks to explore, explain and celebrate. We cover everything from the pioneering days of the early railways to the golden age of steam, the devastating Beeching cuts, the British Rail days, preservation and the ongoing story of modern diesels and electrics.

Gallantry Books

War and warfare in all its many forms is the realm of Gallantry Books. The experiences of soldiers and sailors during combat, their lives, their weapons, their equipment, their vehicles and their vessels are what interests us – alongside a broader view of history’s greatest battles, sieges and campaigns.

Tempest Books

All aspects of aviation history are covered in authoritative detail by Tempest Books. The aviators and aircraft of the Second World War are profiled by our titles alongside more modern fighters, bombers, reconnaissance aircraft and transports. ‘Secret projects’ and experimental designs are also an important part of the Tempest Books portfolio.

Banovallum Books

Banovallum Books explores a huge range of modern interests and experiences – from veganism to venomous spiders, from composting to communism, from knitting to fitness. Covering consumer and leisure topics of every variety, Banovallum Books is dedicated to producing high quality titles which offer readers an informed and informative look at lifestyle and specialist subjects.


Shedding new light on the secrets and mysteries of history is the aim of Timespan Books. Whether it’s the story of ancient Egypt’s 30 dynasties, a biography of Henry VIII’s wives, the slave trade in the 1700s, an account of the Suffragette movement or a recollection of the music of the 1980s, it has a home at Timespan.

Crime & Punishment Books

From the law-breakers of the ancient world right up to the rogues, crooks and outright monsters of modern day criminology, Crime & Punishment Books covers every aspect of true crime including the scandalous, gruesome, shocking and intriguing deeds themselves, those who perpetrated them, the men and women who investigated and the process of justice that followed.

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