Following a cancer diagnosis, award-winning filmmaker Peter Starr found the key to his long-term healthy survival was “living a purposeful life”. Much of his world was centred around motorcycling so he constructed the next part of his life to redefining and reinventing his motorcycling passion by planning to ride in 12 countries where he had never been before, or at least had never ridden a motorcycle there.

Now the renowned film-maker shares those stories in a brilliant publication Motorcycle Traveler.

Starr’s first adventure was to Taiwan in 2011, then further on and off-road trips followed to Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Poland, Ecuador, Canada, Scotland, Wales/Isle of Man, Romania and Thailand. Being a film maker, he also had considerable experience with a still camera, something that is immediately obvious from the quality of photographs contained in this coffee table large format book.

In this publication, Starr has communicated the marvels and curiosities that await a motorcycle tourist. Beautifully illustrated with photographs that are a fitting compendium to the fluency of the manuscript, in many ways this is a fitting follow-up to Starr’s previous book Taking It To The Limit – 20 Years of Making Motorcycle Movies, and hopefully the harbinger of many more books to come from the author.

Motorcycle Traveler is accompanied with a free DVD showing clips from many of Starr’s most popular films. The book, with 50 signed copies available, costs £45 and is available here.